Sometimes I think men are attractive.

Does that mean I want to shove my tongue down their throats?

Well…. yuh know what they say.

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Yuh know when you going up an escalator yuh does can’t help but to look at the people going down on the opposite side? Yeah, well sometimes some of the people going down does be men… and I does still look at them.

Like this one time, I was rushing up the escalator near KFC in Trincity mall, tryna take advantage of the cinema’s Tuesday special and then…RED MAN!

Pristine, white sneakers, cut biceps with a colored tattoo slapped on, sporting a watch I guarantee you is more expensive than my car, I couldn’t help but stare… like really STARE.

What yuh just read make yuh uncomfortable right?

Here’s why…

There is a special type of fear that creeps up on us when talking homosexuality or gender roles, especially for straight men (at least those whom I interact with).

We become defensive and extra ‘manish’; religiously prefacing statements with “no homo” as if complimenting a bredren on his new haircut makes you gay. (not that that’s a bad thing dumbass)

We spend all this time obsessing over our masculinity which ironically makes us insecure in our manhood. Subsequently, we lash out against anything that doesn’t fit into the box of “normal”, i.e homosexuality, pansexuality, male nurses etc.

It is important however to understand that it’s not entirely our fault. Most of us have been taught to confront the unfamiliar with fear and hostility. (Chalk that up to Mr. Patriarchy).


It is our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and separate original thought from institutional vomit.

“It’s just the way I was raised” or, “the bible says” is not a valid excuse for hatred and bigotry. – Heterosexual Christian

The endorsement of Trinbago’s Buggery law and Buju Banton’s lyrics hint to the Goliath of all issues. The issue being, men are expected to be Goliaths; tough, domineering conquerors but…

Don’t you think its time we teach our boys to be Davids?


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